Thank you for coming to my TED Talk!

Here’s a question: If the need is so urgent, if the renewable resources are cheap and plentiful, then exactly why is Africa still so far behind from the clean energy potential we all rave about? It turns out, there’s more than meets the eye on explaining why international investment doesn’t seem to flow naturally to the continent.

I had the incredible opportunity to give a TED talk last year in London, UK, which was just published today that explores this exact question. I argue that international partnerships that mobilize private sector finance in ways that are fair and equitable, helping to level the playing field, have been a missing ingredient. Have a watch!

UPDATE: June 2023

My TED Talk has passed a million views! Just imagine that one million people took time out of their day to listen to a simple story about why the road to a prosperous, clean energy future for all will only be paved by leveling the playing field for enterprise and innovation to thrive everywhere fairly. I am still getting emails, texts, calls and messages about how much people appreciated this framing. In particular, the number of young people reaching out to say how much they see themselves in this message has melted my heart in a profound way.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to help flip the narrative in a small but hopefully meaningful way, and actually, I’ve been on a roadshow with this message since giving the TED Talk. In France this month I participated in the World Energy Justice Congress and the inaugural Summit for a New Global Finance Pact, convened by Emmanuel Macron and our very own Mia Mottley. I’m glad that the Caribbean has played a leading role in breaching the divide on this long overdue discussion about reforming the global finance and power balance, and I’m excited to use my platform in whatever way I can to lean in.

At the Summit, I shared new opportunities we are helping to orchestrate that create avenues to partner for scaling domestic and international institutional investment in important, local climate solutions for healthy people and healthy planet. There is a fundamental transformation we need in the way we think about the investability of our sustainable enterprise opportunities in Africa, and I aim to be part of that shift. Look out for the upcoming Africa Climate Summit in September, 2023, where we will continue this march.

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