In 2022 I was appointed to the Board of Trustees for Ashden, one of the globe’s leading climate change charities.

Ashden brings together frontline innovators, investors, campaigners and analysts from the climate and energy sectors to boost and amplify outstanding climate solutions. It is most noted for the annual Ashden Awards, which are a beacon to the climate community, affirming and driving trends in sustainable energy and development.

The 2022 Ashden Awards are now open to climate champions the world over. Apply now to win a prize of up to £20,000 as well as ongoing development support. More information:


I regularly chair and organize academic conferences to encourage representation and participation of local scholars and academics in dialogue forums. Most recently I chaired the Royal Society Commonwealth Science Conference Meeting for Early Career Researchers in Africa held in Accra, Ghana, March 2022.

I also co-chaired Environmental Research 2021, an annual IOP conference that brings together leading environmental scientists and influencers to share knowledge and address important global challenges relating to the environment and sustainability.

Rebekah at the Royal Society Commonwealth Science Meeting for Early Career Scholars, Accra Ghana 2022


I sit on the editorial board of multiple journals where I edit special issues, peer-review and advise on submissions, as well as contribute papers. These currently include:

I am currently the Chief Editor for the IOP Special Issue in Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability, entitled: “Energy Transitions and Sustainable Transformations in Africa”. This dynamic Special Issue focuses on the intersectionality of energy transitions in Africa. The goal is to foster deeper discussion on the dimensions of energy transition relevant to productive and resilient rural landscapes, sustainable urbanization, resilient infrastructure development, and green industrialization in Africa. 

Collectively, papers published in this issue have been downloaded 10,000 times. The entire issue is available for free here: